Museveni Institutes Team to investigate Sembabule Election Chaos

President Yoweri Museveni, on Thursday evening instituted a team that will investigate the chaos in the Sembabule NRM primaries.

The chaos stems from the different factions using security forces while canvassing for votes in the primaries. 10 people in Mawogola North were left injured on the eve of the NRM primaries election day while three were injured in Lwemiyaga.

Museveni’s brother, Godfrey Sodo Aine Kaguta and his daughter in law, also Minister Sam Kahamba Kuteesa’s daughter Shartis Musherure Kuteesa are competing for office in Mawogola North while Minister of state for transport Joy Kabatsi and MP Theodero Ssekikubo are competing in Lwemiyaga.

The District is also home to other senior Politicians and army officers including Brig Phenehas Keitirima, Gen David Ssejusa, and Hon Anifa Bangirana Kawooya, among others.

The violence within the area on September 3rd forced the NRM electoral Commission Chairperson Tanga Odoi to suspend elections in Mawogola North as violence between the two major factions ensured.

Museveni’s meeting was first scheduled today Friday 11th at State house – Entebbe. However, it was later rescheduled to Thursday (Yesterday evening) as Museveni made a stopover on his way from Mbarara.

The electoral violence in Sembabule stems the disagreements held in 2011 where Lwemiyaga County MP Theodero Ssekikubo attempted to shoot some of the NRM electoral officers accusing them of electoral violence.

At that time, Ssekikubo was competing with Godfrey Nkalubo, while Anifa Kawooya was competing with Joy Kabatsi as Minister Sam Kuteesa remained a sole candidate in the Mawogola county seat.

Ssekikubo teamed up with Joy Kabatsi as Kuteesa teamed up with Anifa Kawooya and Nkalubo to deny Ssekikubo and Kabatsi defeat.

In yesterday’s meeting, Museveni remained dismayed with the continued violence in an NRM stronghold thus instituting an underground intelligence team to investigate the principals and characters in the violence.

All contesting factions and their God Fathers including Minister Sam Kahamba Kuteesa, District and Sub County NRM leaders attended the meeting.

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