Museveni Brothers pitch camp in Sembabule as NRM extends primaries

The NRM Secretariat has for the fourth time extended voting for the NRM Primaries in Mawogola North for fear of election Malpractice. The secretariat has also ordered for the suspension of all registrars in the area.

A letter from the NRM electoral commission chairperson Tanga Odoi indicates that voting that was to be held on Monday next week will now be held on Wednesday as the team organizes further to avoid malpractice.

The election was first suspended on September 4th as tensions heightened in the area as the different camps vowed to ensure violence if they don’t win the primaries.

Three people, Salim Kisekka, Shartis Musherure Kuteesa, Museveni’s daughter in law and Godfrey Sodo Aine Kaguta, a bother to Yoweri Museveni are contesting for the slot.

On September 2nd, supporters of Sodo Aine and those of Shartis Kuteesa engaged in a fist fight which led to bloodshed. 10 people were left injured and rushed to Masaka Regional Referral hospital.

This prompted the President to hold a late evening meeting in Sembabule to immediately settle the impasse. Museveni also denied funding his brother Sodo Aine Kaguta.

Sources in Sembabule indicate that the Secretariat will bring in new presiding officers and registrars on voting day in a bid to prevent further manipulation and compromise.

This comes at a time when two of Museveni’s brothers Shedrack Nzeire and Toyota Kaguta have pitched camp in Sembabule campaigning for their brother Sodo Aine Kaguta while Sam Kahamba Kuteesa also pitched camp in the area to support daughter Shartis Musherure Kuteesa.

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