Munda Awo: B2C’s claim to Intercontinental Fame

Uganda’s music trio-B2C aka Kampala boys have cemented their place in the music industry by winning song of the year twice for Gutamiza(2017) and Gutujja(2019) and recording huge visible success locally.

They have gone on to do a classic banger with great audio by Nessim and Visuals by Aaronaire; this masterpiece can flex with many Nigerian and South African jams and is set for all tastes.

Their new single -Munda Awo has already replaced Nakyuka by Sheeba on the number 1 slot, in barely four days and it has become a radio classic.

Abrayanz is the stylist that chose what the boys had to wear and I should say he did a wonderful job, I don’t even know how much they had to spend on this big budget fashion mogul to get such results.

The video is given a great Apex with the beautiful NTV Queen Lynda Ddane took centre stage, we should be able to ascertain how much she charges but she looked the part and her great acting gave the video a new look, and oooh my the dance moves.

The choreography is on point and B2C was able to prove their point, they can still dance and single in the same shoes.

I am positive that this song may earn B2C a call to Coke Studio Africa and as well Nominations to big awards on and away from the continent.

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