Mudslides Destruct Traffic flow Along the Entebbe Expressway

There are hips of soil that slid from a nearby hill along the Entebbe expressway towards Ziika forest that are currently disrupting traffic along the country’s most expensive road.

The mudslides, said to have been caused by the increasing rain in the past two weeks have now left travelers getting to Kampala only use a single lane away from the two lanes they usually use while traveling

The expressway is meant to reduce traffic, increase speed of travelers who need to reach key installations between Kampala and Entebbe quicker and in a safe way.

“We however fear that even Very Important People may find it insecure to use a road such as this which is currently deteriorating,” a security personnel within entebbe says.

Mudslides get into the Entebbe Expressway (PHOTo By Media Lab Entebbe

It now requires a driver to spend up to 7 minutes to pass through the particular spot of the expressway to continue to his destination.

The completion of the construction of the first expressway in the country was done in 2018. President Yoweri Museveni, while launching the expressway said the road was constructed using resources from China.

It is said to be the most expensive road in the world. The 51.4 kilo meter road that stretches from Entebbe International Airport to Kampala with a diversion to Munyonyo, another city suburb was constructed using a whopping $476 million.

However, the road has, two years after its official launch developed cracks while the mudslines have also started getting into the road lanes.

Also, the toll road has also note been used for its intended purpose since three tolls were constructed to charge the road users a given amount of money before using it.

Mark Ssali, the Communications Manager of the Uganda National Roads Authority, the country’s agency meant to repair upgrade major roads in the country told Entebbe Post that he was not aware of any mudslide in the Express way today.

“What i heard of are the mudslides that happened a few days ago,” he said.

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