MP Zaake comparison between Bobi Wine, Katikiro Mayiga raises uproar

In the latest twist and turn, Mityana Municipality Member of Parliament Francis Zaake has argued that it is more important to be closer to the National Unity Platform President Robert Kyagulanyi and not the Buganda Katikiro (Premier), Charles Peter Mayiga.

In a new video leak, MP Zaake, seated before a team of Mityana municipality Member of Parliament Francis Butebi Zaake also questioned the relevance of the Katikiro, in the recent Parliamentary election that saw many of NUP candidates in Mityana win Political positions.

“The rest, just know someone is diverting you from the real issues. Someone wants you to pay attention to his/her egocentrism. Today as Mityana, we have not yet paid a visit to our president, taking freebies because it is now the Kyagulanyi effect. And someone tells you to go to the Katikiro? Did the Katikiro help was win any election?” inquisitive Zaake asked.

The latest reveal by Zaake is part of the wider attack on the Kingdom of Buganda by a section of subjects who disagree with the current premier, Charles Peter Mayiga.

Less than a fortnight ago, subjects questioned the poor health conditions of the Kabaka, putting it to the Katikiro for what they called failure to protect the King and the institution of Buganda Kingdom, prompting attacks and counter accusations from the different section of the public.

Zaake’s ranting’s however invited attacks for the youthful leader from a wider section of his voters who asked him to respect the Kingdom of Buganda and all its leaders.

“Do you think you are exceptional because you are a leader? Leave the Katikiro and Buganda Kingdom alone. Play your politics without pulling the Kabaka and the Katikiro into your pettiness,” said Shaban Kabuye, one of Zaake’s campaign agents in Mityana.

Also some of the NUP leaders who asked not to be named wondered why Zaake likened Kyagulanyi to someone greater than the Katikiro yet he is a loyal Kingdom subject.

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