MP Nambooze launches new school, says will enhance quality education in Mpigi

The Mpigi District Woman Member of Parliament, Ms. Teddy Nambooze has yet again, in quest to enhance quality education within Mpigi District, launched Kikunyu High School, the first Secondary School in Kanyike parish, Kammengo Sub County, Mpigi District.

The area has been struggling with high student drop out as many of the young children could not manage to get to nearby schools that were more than 10 miles away in Kammengo and Mpigi town council

The launched school is part of the consortium of schools including Kikunyu Infant Primary school, all owned by Mr. Umaru Mpiima.

Nambooze appreciated efforts by Mpiima whom he said, Focused on Education of their children within the area and not engaging in other businesses such as bars, gardens/Agriculture, a signal, she says helps in the development of schools in the area.

“Life is always very very expensive for anyone who doesn’t want to attain basic education and it also costs the country.”

Government has invested so much resources in teaching Ugandans how to adopt mindset change, a topic that has for so long been incorporated in the different schools while learning general basics and life skills.

“So if our children are well prepared in schools, such money for mindset change would be ably saved and used to generate income and work on several other productive resources for the country.” Nambooze said.

Nambooze also said, the school will be a source of employment for the many people within the area who still struggle to attain an income. The school is expected to hire teachers, cooks, cleaners, wardens among other staff, to cater for the students who will be struggling to attain letters of opportunity.

“Even those we have trained will be able to bring ready products including papers, chalk, snacks such as crisps and will be able to earn enough money from the institution,” she added.

The school is also expected to walk a shorter distance to school since the school is within the vicinity and can have a better environment for learning for the children within the area.

The MP also asked the parents within the area to take their children to her Tereeza Mpigi Foundation for assessment for full and half bursaries, upon completing their Primary Leaving Examinations from within the primary entity, the Kikunyu Infant Primary school.

Several leaders, including the District Education Officer for Mpigi attended the function. The MP, has since entering Parliament in 2021 focused energies on improving the education system in Mpigi which had for long failed.

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