MP Nakimuli’s emotional return to where Bobi Wine was arrested during Kalangala campaigns

Kalangala – Frail and crippled, angry and hungry, tearful and emotional is Alex Richard Kasasa, one of the residents found at Banda landing site.

Kasasa (59) lives in one of the smallest landing sites in Mugoye Sub county.

It is about a kilometer from Kigere Kya Nvubu, and a 500 meter distance from Lukku – Bugoma at the ferry point.

He was last year during campaigns arrested by an army of officers in Kigere Kya Nvubu who blocked then Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi from campaigning in the island District.

On the fateful day, Kasasa was returning from Masaka Regional Referral Hospital where he had spent a week, suffering from wounds he obtained during after an accident he suffered on the Kalangala Bugoma road.

“I was asked by health workers in Hospital to go, get further attention at a Health Facility near my home. I then crossed to Kalangala on the same day, thinking I would first get to hospital before I retire at home,” Kasasa recounts.

Kasasa boarded the same ferry with Presidential Candidate Robert Kyagulanyi and his entourage to get back to Kalangala.

“Upon reaching, an swam of officers stormed the ferry point ready to take over Kalangala’s entry. Kyagulanyi held a mini rally before he left for Kachanga landing site,” he recounts.

As he continued with his journey to Mugoye Health Center III, Police and the Military mounted a road block in Kigere Kya Nvubu, a forest between Kagulube and Bugoma Villages.

All those returning from thee ferry were arrested on the premise that they would cause mayhem as Kyagulanyi campaigned in Kalangala.

“I was arrested. The Boda Boda cyclist who was taking me pleaded and he was also arrested. Many people had been forced to sit on ground as they awaited referral to Kalangala Police station.” Kasasa recounts.

Many of the residents in the area had been arrested.

Kasasa who had wounds on his hands, knees and the back was taken to Kalangala Central Police Station where he spent a night.

“I slept in a congested Police cell with several other detainees. My wounds were not treated and it was painful,” she says.

More than 60 Islanders were arrested on the fateful day. Presidential Candidate Robert Kyagulanyi was arrested and his entourage, all his team members on that day were charged with treason, save for Hon Mathias Mpuuga, Cyrus Kambugu, Helen Nakimuli and Stephen Ssemaala.

The arrested island residents were released after the intervention of Gen Katumba Wamala, another islander in the highest ranks of the NRM government.

On Sunday this week, after a year of disparity, anger and disillusioned memories, Kalangala woman Member of Parliament Helen Nakimuli reached out to Kagulube Parish.

She recounted a memoir of the auxins, remembering the ugly incidents.

“It is good to be back. I However have received information that more of our people remain arrested only because they support the National Unity Platform. For we shall remain relentless to fight for justice,” Nakimuli said.

Kalangala, an island district close to State House – Entebbe has 84 Islands. In the previous election, Kyagulanyi won President Yoweri Museveni with 71%.

Nakimuli says, Kalangala’s poor service delivery with years of supporting NRM reflects the need to re echo the desire to fight for transformation.

“I will speak before Parliament because this is where budgets are appropriated. We must tell government even when it is painful. Our people deserve better services,” she said.

Kalangala’s major challenges include a poor road and marine transport, inhumane treatment of fishermen by the fisheries protection Unit and lack of access to clean and safe water, education and Health care.

“These are challenges we must face! Over and over, our generations must know that there is a better life, free of torture ad full of access to basic services,” she said, adding that “for we must work towards development as we also fight for justice for all our people.”

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