More than 40 musicians, comedians join Bobi Wine’s NUP

About 40 musicians and comedians have this afternoon paid allegiance to the National Unity Platform Party. The artists also picked NUP cards.

The artists, including Aziz Azion, Ziggy Dee, Denis Katongole, Lyto Boss, MC Kapale, the Mighty family, Khalifa Aganaga, Young Mulo, Eddie Yawe among others featured at the NUP/ People Power head quarters on Tuesday afternoon chanting the People Power Slogan.

The musicians also lashed colleagues who ignored Robert Kyagulanyi, in a bid to get resources from the National Resistance Government. Some of the lashed musicians include Full Figure and Bebe Cool who keep abusing Bobi Wine for not supporting the NRM Government.

“It is worrying and remains a threat if our colleagues ignore a colleague just to get money. That is clear indication that they have no conviction to the uplifting of the fraternity,” MC Kapale said.

The artists also picked the National Unity Platform Party cards.

On his side, Bobi Wine (Robert Kyagulanyi) thanked the artists for the solidarity. He also pledged to continue moving the struggle forward.

Kyagulanyi, the President of the National Unity Platform has on many occasions seen artists who pledged allegiance to him for crossing to the ruling National Resistance Movement in a bid to seek resources. One among them is Bobi Wine’s long time friend Arshbug Kato, who once handled Kyagulanyi’s online platforms who recently attacked the young politician of intolerance.

Other people who picked cards at the Party Headquarters in Kamwokya today is long time serving Media Personality Basajja Mivule

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