Military Condones off Uganda’s First Corona Virus Victim’s Residence

Police and the Military have condoned off the residence of Uganda’s first corona virus residence. The Victim, also journalist traveled to Dubai on March 17th to engage carry on business.

Upon return on March 21 through Entebbe International Airport, he was found with high body temperature (38.6 degrees) and was later quarantined, his samples taken to the Uganda Virus Research Institute – UVRI for testing.

By Saturday 9.00 pm, UVRI had confirmed the victim’s sample had tested positive and by midnight, the Minister for Health Jane Ruth Aceng declared how the virus had jetted into the country.

The 36 year old has often times traveled to Dubai for business. He usually purchases Muslim merchandise and Phone Accessories for his business in Kampala.

Corona Virus Screening at Entebbe Airport. Courtesy Photo

“It has always been his routine. He travels there, returns and makes business. He has been unlucky this time. He is however in a better condition now and we expect him to come out victorious,” says a family member conversant with the Victim and the happening around him.

Currently, he remains at the isolation premise at Entebbe Grade B while his home in Nsangi, Wakiso District remains condoned by the Military to prevent people from getting into it. Police has remained tightlipped on why the residence has been condoned off.

More than 13,000 people world over have died due to the pandemic while more than 300,000 people have contracted the virus. Cases of the virus contraction have been registered in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, DRC, South Sudan and Uganda.

“The East African region needs more attention and vigilance to ensure that there is increased prevention. Our people need to understand all procedures that need to be used in the prevention against the Corona Virus spread,” says Mike Ssebalu, the former Ugandan representative in the East African Parliament.

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