Members of Katabi based Carpenters SACCO want Col. Nakalema to intervene

Over 400 Carpenters under the Artisan Cooperative, Savings and Credit association(SACCO) have filed charges against their manager Kenny Ddamulira and Chairman Frank Bakayana citing failure to about for the 50M boost given to them by HE. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

The members are also pinning their leaders and manager for selling the equipment that was availed in order to cut costs, and also misusing the funds for personal gains.

Kenny Ddamulira(in yellow) showing the machines

“They have sold off some of the machines and as well sold parts of some, and failed to maintain or service the machines, they have failed as leaders.” Mbaziira says

The carpenters want Col. Nakalema’s Anti Corruption Unit to indulge in the matters citing being denied loans without any proper reasons and the funds generated from the machines not being accounted for.

Forever Connected campaign main poster

“No machine has been sold, no machine is faulty. I implore the members to come and seek accountability because we have a system. It’s every members right to access this information that is available, but none has showed up to demand for the records and they are now crying foul” Kenny Ddamulira asserts


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