Meet the Musical Principal; The voice behind Kalantini

The lockdown has been graced by songs and anthems encouraging masses to wash there hands and mantain a social distance, and the likes of HE Bobi wine have sensitised the people on COVID19

But Sam Principal has been able to sensitize and entertain people during the lockdown with his Afro fusion musical story telling, this guy is a genius.

Arthur Samuel Buyinza popularly known as Sam Principal is a great multitasker, he produces shows, sound engineering, singer, performer and brand manager at Artin Pro’s Axtra Nation.

The jam has been graced with countless challenge videos since it sits well with the current affairs of the stay home campaign. We hope that the musical Principal gives us more of that Afro Fusion and Ragga.

We say kudos on this jam and the sky is the sky is the limit for you.

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