Meet Peter Ssematimba: An MP who Got Required Documents After Joining Parliament

A metrosexual man, or is he simply a man who loves his looks, takes care to keep himself meticulously groomed before he moves out to meet the public?

Busiro South’s Peter Ssematimba has over time come to be known for taking care of how he looks as his main business.

Ssematimba first came to the limelight as a radio DJ when FM radios were pioneered in the country, in 1993.

He later turned a pastor before venturing into Political leadership in 2006.

Ssematimba first contested as Kampala Mayor in 2006 and lost to equally flamboyant Nasser Ssebagala.

Attributes of a metrosexual male are some attributes that the dwellers in the capital city dwellers irresisitably denied. He however looked orderly and great.

He joined Politics after successfully building an empire, mostly in the media with the establishment of Super FM.

In 2008, he won the battle to lead Rubaga Division in a by election held within the area.

“We need to clean up the roads, restore our solid waste management, the drainages and i am the man to do just all that.” He said on one campaign rally.

His vision was to turn it into a clean morden city with minimal traffic endurances.

At the time, he targeted the youths within the area. His approach was through break dance and songs from Eddy Kenzo, Bobi Wine, among others.

For he struggled but lost to Erias Lukwago in 2011 to take the Lord Mayor’s seat.

Little, did Peter know that despite his failures, he would bounce back to the Arena as a Member of Parliament.

In 2016, Ssematimba contested to become MP for Busiro South constituency. Ssematimba who had been accused of not having requisite academic qualifications won a Democratic Party duo of Simon Kagwa Njala and Stephen Ssekigozi, both grounded Catholic dwellers with establishments in the area.

Both Ssekigozi and Njala fought each other as Ssematimba concentrated on the rural Busiro South to win.

Despite the accusations of lack of qualifications, Ssematimba’s election was upheld by the Court of Appeal, little did Ugandans and the electorate know that he had no Senior Six, a basic requirement for being elected an MP.

He later joined a Luwero based school while serving as an MP to sit for Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education and obtained senior six certificate.

“Wonders never end, he became MP illegally, up held by court and later went back to school. Such things are disturbing.” One of the constituents laments.

He is struggling to win. Second term in Parliament. Ssematimba was recently quoted by the Media saying, he is in Uganda on “Kyeeyo”.

“My home is in Los Angeles. I use a Bus to get there and I am here in Uganda to work,”Ssematimba says.

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