Meet Busiro south Contender Paul Owor; The story so far

Recently, heads turned when young businessman Paul Owor announced his interest in the legislative spot for Busiro south; it seemed quite unfamiliar territory for him but he has gone on to cement his place amongst the Busiro folk.

According to Owor, a greater fraction of his entire manifesto has been executed and only a few things that may require state intervention and support are still pending.

He will be on the same ballot Paper with a pack of other contenders such as Simon Peter Sematimba, Charles Lwanga Gongola, Paddy Ndawula, Matovu Charles, Simon Peter Kiweesi and lawyer Stephen Ssekigozi all vying tightly for the same slot.

Entebbe Post caught up with the Businessman and musician turned Politician to unravel the mysteries and ideas behind his candidacy.

Early Life and Education:

Paul Owor was born on the first day of January 1991, at Entebbe Grade B Hospital which is now Entebbe Regional Referral Hospital in a loving family. His early days were lived in Entebbe.

When he was 10, his family moved to Kawoto in Kajjansi town council until the present day. Those who know him from childhood, remember him vividly as a man of many talents and full of wit, from football to music in the same shoes.

Owor attended Kiwafu Primary School in Entebbe, St.Andrews,Turkish Light Academy and St. Lawrence Creamland where he would go on to join Makerere University Business School, later in 2014 he would go to graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Procurement and Supply Management.

Business and Work:

Owor is the brain behind several firms in the land across different sectors, from Transport to Tours and Travel, with the most notable one being Gifted Music Group- GMG. GMG is the label that gave birth to celebrated artists Shena Skies and Rey Heavens.

At the age of 20, Owor was already registering success in business, and today he boosts of the latest addition to his name, the Kyeyoo app- a digital tool that connects service providers to clients.

The Road to 2021 Elections:

The nature of his campaigns have been characterized by less talk and more work according to him, with about 30 savings cooperatives and over 100 youth groups benefiting from his generous donations.

Owor has since donated 3 ambulances, with one being a water ambulance and relief items donated to the Island and fishing communities of Busi and Kasanje during the looming COVID-19 pandemic and when a cyclone caused destrution in Busi.

“I am the best candidate for this position, for I come with the right mentality and a clear plan to move Busiro South to a better position, it is very unpleasing for the only highway that we have, from Kawuku via Nakawuka to Natete to be filled with potholes and dusty, some thing must be done.”

According to Owor, with the right transport routes and proper farm inputs agriculture can flourish and this can change the plight of his future constituents.

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