Medical Frontliners want a proper Compensation Plan

Corona Virus Frontliners at Entebbe Regional Referral Hospital have expressed concerns over unclear compensation terms from Ministry of Health in case they contract the deadly virus whilst on duty.

The indication came during a brief meeting between the hospital staff and State Minister of health for General Duties Robinah Nabbanja on Friday 12th June 2020 while they were dispatching off 12 recovered COVID 19 cases.

The 12 discharged cases are all Truck drivers including 9 Ugandans, 2 Kenyan Nationals and 1 Burundian, bringing the number of those admitted at Entebbe Regional Referral Hospital from 123 to 111 admitted patients.

“We would like to understand the terms of compensation in case we get infected while on duty” remarked a member of staff.

In response Min. Nabbanja said that the plans to increase benefits and draft a clear compensation plan for the medics are underway. Also they are to retain more volunteers that have done a commendable job in confronting the deadly Novel Corona Virus.

Medical staff during the brief meeting.

The Ministry of Health is already handling the issue of compensation and there is a plan as we earlier informed your superintendent Dr Muwanga.

But on the medical staff’s humble demand to meet the president for a “Handshake” will be presented to cabinet and ensure it is achieved

Robinah Nabbanja

The Entebbe Hospital Superintendent Dr. Moses Muwanga also addressed fears over the truck drivers reintegration into the communities and many of them have lost their jobs, and thus asked the various communities to help them settle back easily.

Many employers are laying off Truck drivers once they learn that the drivers are infected. This should not be the norm, the recovered cases are fully healthy and we should see them back to work.

Dr.Moses Muwanga

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