Mbidde abandons party candidate MAO, for Bobi Wine

Denis Mukasa Mbidde is the second highest executive of Uganda’s oldest political party, Democratic Party (DP) and said to be the force behind Norbert Mao’s power.

Mbidde who is standing in Masaka Municipality for member of parliament, did the unthinkable, on Monday when he endorsed Robert Kyagulanyi for president, while his own presidential candidate was combing for votes in western Uganda.

Mbidde defection, although he’s standing on DP ticket, means Mao’s road presidential truck has suffer a major engine knock and can only remain in the game as a ball boy.

Mao, shocked everyone when he turned up late and entered a presidential race he clearly has no chances.

Mao joined his FDC counterparts who fronted Patrick Oboi Amuriat despite calls for all major parties to join Bobi Wine whose National Unity Party has taken the country by storm.

Bobi Wine is enjoying massive support, leaving Mao and others reduced to side shows as would newcomer John Katumba.

Respected journalist, Sadab Kitatta on Tuesday morning posted accusing Mbidde of lying about Mao.

Mbidde told a rally in Masaka that he had got the blessing of Mao to drum for Bobi Wine’s vote and dumb the man, known as the oracle from Gulu.

Kitatta said, “Mbidde lied about Mao”, and he explained in a long post that, “Moments before setting off for his campaigns in Western Uganda, I had a lengthy talk with the DP supremo, Norbert Mao. The presidential candidate was clearly disturbed by his top party executives declaring support for other candidates in a race where he’s participating. At the time, it was only Mary Babirye Kabanda, the DP National Treasurer, who had openly declared support for Kyagulanyi. While Hon Ssewungu Joseph Gonzaga, before his defection to NUP, presented the proposal to the party’s National Council, no decision was reached todate, Mao told me. And the Delegates’ Conference in Gulu also never passed such a resolution. What Mbidde and Kabanda are playing is the real MEAL CARD or EMMOME politics that Mao once talked about.

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