Mbale: One dead and 31 houses destroyed in mudslide

One person has been confirmed dead and at least 3 people injured in a landslide that destroyed about 31 houses and several crop gardens in Bubyangu Sub-county in Mbale District on Tuesday.

The landslide occured after heavy rains on tuesday morning leaving over 50 families displaced across several villages; thevillages include Bunalutere, Kikobero, Wanambewo and others.

A rescue and search party was conducted and able to retrieve one dead infant, and rush those injured to Banambewo Clinic and later were admitted to Mbale Regional Hospital.

This is a second landslide in less than a week after another landslide occurred in Masaba Sub-County in Sironko District, destroying gardens of several acres of foods crops and buried a few houses.

According to the survivors, government needs to intervene and evacuate them to safety since more catastrophic landslides are more likely to occur due to the nature of the region.

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