Mayor Kayanja cautions on community to student Covid infections

The mayor Entebbe Municipality Mr Vincent De Paul Kayanja has cautioned on the need  for safety precautions to be put in place to avoid student to community infections of the Covid 19 virus with the reopening of schools.

Mr Kayanja made the remarks on Wednesday at Kigungu primary School while distributing protective gear and sanitisers in different primary schools that were allowed to operate recently in a bid to boost their sfety measures against Covid.

The Principal education officer Mr Daniel Ndaga said the municipal education department is sensitizing candidate students on the dangers of the Covid 19 virus as they enroll back into schools.

 Mr Ndaga said there are many requirements required by the schools to operate post the Covid 19 lockdown which have proved costly.

“We have challenges, these are young children, in the process of trying to observe the SOP.s they want to indulge in recreational activities, you can’t expect them to be redundant, in the process of playing they are likely to loose their masks, get in contact with their friends. We shall continue to sensitise them using our methodologies as teachers” he said.

Mr Ndaga said the schools inspectors will ensure routine supervision activities of schools to ensure that all the schools that have been able to reopen comply with the ministry of health SOP’s directives.

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