Mayinja goes into hiding to frustrate Media Lab lawsuit

Musician Ronald Mayinja has reportedly gone into hiding to escape being served with an intention to sue letter from the proprietors of Media Lab Entebbe.

Media Lab Entebbe Spokesperson, Adam Walusimbi has revealed that the “Tuli ku bunkenke” singer has avoided all meetings with their lawyers and claimed to be away from home for 2 weeks since the letter’s drafting.

“Mr.Ronald Mayinja has been a no show for all meetings arranged by our lawyers to meet him, they have tried to meet him at home but in vain. The singer informed our lawyers that he is away on presidential campaigns.” Walusimbi said

Walusimbi added that Mayinja’s behaviour will not deter their pursuit of justice and the opportune time to serve the singer with the letter officially will present itself.

Media Lab Entebbe is intending to sue singer Ronald Mayinja for a whopping UGX 375 million for infringing on their copyright when he used footage belonging to the Lab without seeking permission in his new Akalulu campaign song video.

Mayinja has been silent, and he has been unavailable to comment on the matter since the wake of the possible lawsuit.

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