Makerere Guild Presidential Candidate calls for Protests over University elections

By Judith Nalukwago (University Guild Presidential Candidate)

I thank you for your support for our candidature thus far.

In my engagements with you and some of your leaders, I have learnt that you currently have an array of challenges some of which we have made a point to raise to the relevant authorities. 

As of today, one surcharge, the 50,000/- on late registration has been cancelled thanks to your consistent demand for that.  We shall and can attain more.

Many of you have not yet received any results for the exams you did in the previous semester, a thing that has kept you in the dark about your current academic standing and on wether or not you have pending academic obligations with the university. 

It is our belief that these, and many more challenges can be raised and solved with a substantive student leadership.

Please note that it is only Makerere University that does not have a leadership. All other sister universities held their various elections where Students went to the polls and expressed themselves democratically.

The current leadership vacuum is caused by the administration that is against Students electing their leaders.
The same administration has illegally kept an interim government because it stands with them against the will of the students.

Students in Uganda are part of a National Students Association that brings together all students to discuss and jointly address their issues. This Association (UNSA) has began its processes for electing a new leadership. With the current status in Makerere, all students have been disenfranchised from participating in this process.

Fellow students, I call upon us all to demand for a leadership that we have elected for ourselves.

Our demands are as follows;

1. Within 48 hours, the Electoral Commission should release a substantive and final roadmap for the Election to be held with explicit dates and timelines that SHALL NOT BE CHANGED.

2. Commencement of nominations and verification for Guild Presidential and GRC contestants which must be complete by the Midnight of Sunday 18th April 2021.

3. The University administration MUST STOP INTERFERING IN STUDENT LEADERSHIP and sabotaging the Election of the same.

If none of those demands are heeded to by the timelines we have set, I CALL UPON YOU TO TAKE PART IN A PEACEFUL PROTEST on Monday 19th April 2021.
We must all stand against a group of crooks who for selfish reasons want to deny an institution that has lasted 86 years a smooth and successful continuation.

Do not be deceived, these tactical delays and sabotaging should be treated like the banning of the students Guild by the Idi Amin regime in 1976 because they are nothing but just that only done in subtle ways.

We have an obligation to the past and to the future to  RESIST this.

The mode and extent of the protest shall be communicated in due time through your leaders at Hall, Hostel  and school levels.

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