Major Birungi Fronts Fight Against Covid-19

The spokes person Uganda People’s Defense Air Force Command (UPDAF) Major Edward Birungi has urged the public to adhere to the Presidents directives in a way to combat the spread of Covid-19 that has wrecked the globe and Uganda inclusive.

Reacting to the 15th presidential address, Birungi asked the journalists under their umbrella Entebbe Journalist Association to educate the public on the benefits of using face masks in public.7

“This war is not easy but we have to embrace what the president said on Monday to make sure that we wear face masks while in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain,” Birungi advised.

He also applauded the journalists for the work done during this trying moment and asked them to join the presidents initiative to fight the virus that has so far claimed 325556 lives globally though Uganda has not registered any single death.

“Since it is mandatory to put on masks, I ask the journalists to join us and the government in fighting this war by educating the public on how helpful wearing of masks is important to curb this pandemic,” added Birungi 

According to the presidents address, masks will be delivered through the LC system by 2 June, however before then, the public is advised to observe the set preventive measures for that period as government plans to lift lockdown.

All members of the Joint Security Task force have been tasked to enforce the directives and further educate the public on the health and safety risks as well as the potential consequences of not wearing face masks while in the public. 

Meanwhile, the UPDF Air force continues to secure the Ugandan airspace and carry out other core tasks as mandated by the Constitution of the republic of Uganda and continue to avail it’s estimated efforts to the team that disciminates information curbing the spread of the Pandemic.

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