Madinah Zalwango Talks early life,Religion and Policy

Eventually, time comes when a generation must stand up to the challenges of its day; for itself but most importantly, for posterity. It is time

I dream of Entebbe so graceful and developed with happy and progressive people. All that drawn from the background that it was Entebbe that was the first capital city of Uganda, the gateway to the rest of the world and a town denoted with beautiful beaches and weather .

Madinah Zalwango

In a one on one chat with Entebbe Post, Madinah Zalwango let us in on her childhood and growing up in Entebbe, her ideology and philosophy, religion and politics.

Madinah Zalwango is purely born and bred in Entebbbe, a great follower of African giants such as Nelson Madiba Mandela and the finest writer of all times Wole Sonyinka. From these two she forms strong ideologies on Pan Africanism, being, Judgement, People and Power.

My story which inspires my vision, is a story of everyone else or at least a vast majority of people not only in Entebbe but Uganda and Africa.

Madinah Zalwango

Zalwango recounts from her mother how she was born healthy in a hospital in the presence of caring and well trained midwives. She was born to a Roman Catholic Mom and A Muslim Dad.

However the joy of a new born was totally short lived as her Father left the earthly realm when she was only two weeks old and that’s when life changed for the entire family.

My mother can never forget the longest period of her life in Mulago Hospital for over 2 years. At 3 months I had fallen ill mysteriously and for the next 2 years we were in and out of hospital. But God never let us fall.

Madinah Zalwango

Zalwango and her siblings were raised by a single mother who she believes is a strong hero and an example of true parentage as she juggled odd jobs to give them the life they always wanted. From Vending Matooke to sweeping markets.

At the right age Madinah Zalwango was enrolled by her mother at St. Thereza Primary School in Entebbe, a public school where she developed great skills of eloquence and confidence to participate in Music, Dance and Drama. And whilst at this school she also enrolled for Catechism lessons.

Later in life Zalwango would join a dancing group at Miracle Centre Church in her neighborhood, which she enjoyed as a child but with protests from her mother who was a catholic woman with Muslim children.

It is from this church that she scored a sponsor who funded her education and settled her mother’s heart and later became a born again Christian as well.

Zalwango with the support of her sponsor and her family was able to make it to the pinnacle of her educational and life success. After her Secondary School she was able to make it to Nkumba .

Madinah Zalwango shared with us her aspirations for the Entebbe Municipality Member of Parliament seat and she hopes she can foster improvement and change across the many sectors such as Health and Education.

She believes that the Public hospitals need more budget funding and would be great dens for proper medicare if properly funded. Also she has been faced with the high levels of corruption in hospital systems and frustrating levels of government drug theft. Zalwango believes that this can be exterminated with proper monitoring.

She also told us that maternal mortality rates can be shrinked if the state trains more professionals and give them the support they require.

On public education, she told Entebbe Post that it would be paramount if public tertiary institutions were totally free for all citizens, because a many passionate people fail to make it through University.

Madinah Zalwango strongly believes that UPE and USE systems have not failed the nation but rather require more improvement and enhancement.

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