MAAIF, Flower exporters enhance produce inspection facility

The Ministry of Agriculture,Animal Industry and Fisheries(MAAIF) through its Crop Inspection and Certification department together with The Uganda Flowers and Exporters Association(UFEA) and Fresh Handling Ltd(FHL) have launched a fresh export inspection facility on Tuesday.

The newly acquired inspection facility and equipment is intended to bolster the capacity of the fresh export inspectors handle bigger consignments and as well cut on the time lapses and also ensure quality standards for the European market.

The new expansion has caused MAAIF to recruit more 20 fresh produce inspectors to meet the new needs of the flower industry and international and with this in place the government hopes to clinch market in China and the Americas.

An inspector demonstrates the process of quality grading
photo by GSA

Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia who is a member of UFEA and owner of Rosebud Ltd donated 2 automatic box strapping machines to MAAIF to assist inspectors and FHL execute fine packaging to avoid losses and quality drops.

“We are sure that we are taking the right steps towards recovery as the entire industry has been hit badly, but we are now at 80% and we hope to attain full recovery in no time.” Dr. Ruparelia says

Commissioner Paul Mwambu officially receives the equipment from Dr. Ruparelia

According to FHL board member overseeing quality Mahmood Hudda, the newly acquired packaging equipment from Rosebud proprietor Sudhir Ruparelia will help cut on the damages that have caused damages for the industry for a long time.

“We are moving to trigger a proper and full recovery from the adverse effects that came with the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in Uganda, but it is still reliant on the markets abroad reopening.” Mahmood Hudda says

from L-R: ED UFEA-Esther Nekambi, Commissioner Paul Mwambu, Rosebud Ltd’s Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia and Mr. Daniel KIryango

Commissioner Paul Mwambu is confident that the flower industry will blossom profits and fetch the nation more revenue and in turn create more jobs for locals with the expected increase in volumes of flower exports.

” We are still having issues with NAS, but they will soon be resolved. We are doing all we can to expand our capacity to serve the industry in time, we have also introduced online data collection system to record info in real time.” paul Mwambu says

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