Lord Fred Ssebatta hits Bobi Wine hard in new Buganda song

Veteran musician Lord Fred Ssebatta, on Tuesday, outed a new song with lyrics honoring a nostalgic experience the Kingdom of Buganda, the Kabaka, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II, Katikiro, Oweek Charles Peter Mayiga and the struggle to rebuild and further develop the Kingdom.

Ssebatta also hit back to the “marijuana excited group” which he says has continued to engage in attacking and character assassinating the Kingdom officials on several fronts.

“Those who attack the Kingdom, we are watching you. One day, the Lord shall rescue his people. Those attacking the Kingdom, let me advise you. In History, Kabaka Kintu was the first to unite the people of the Kingdom,” Ssebatta sung in the local Luganda dialect.

In the new song, Ssebatta said, the Kingdom has survived attacks from all fronts and emerges more powerful and victorious that ever before.

Kyagulanyi seemed rather at logger heads with the Kingdom officials to an extent of saying the officials pretend to be in love with the Kabaka and yet they are the same people pulling him down.

He also recently posted a tweet saying, he prays that Kabaka heals and overcomes the “Nalumansi’s” of this world within and out of the Kingdom of Buganda.

He also outed a song, “Nalumansi” that was characterized as a direct attack against the Kingdom of Buganda officials who he says are fighting hard to bring Buganda to the toes of Political partisanship.

Several members of the public including artists dismissed the song, the musician saying it is the same Kingdom he is attacking that courted him for more than 20 years, with Kabaka Mutebi, the Katikiro also joining hands to fight injustice amongst the citizens.

However, in Ssebatta’s new song, the legend attacked all those attacking the Kingdom, asking all subjects to come up and rise against any attack by any person against the Kingdom.

“We also thank the Kabaka for offering leadership of the Kingdom to a young Katikiro then, Charles Peter Mayiga, who has done a lot to increase development within the Kingdom.” Ssebatta sung.

Mayiga is remembered for among other things, reconstructing the Kasubi Royal Tombs, completing Masengere, a building annex Bulange, the seat of the Kingdom, mobilizing the youths into several Kingdom projects and revitalizing of the Agricultural programs, especially through the “emwaanyi terinba” campaign.

Ssebatta advised that whoever wants to be loved within the Kingdom that if they start attacking the Kabaka, that would turn into a tag of war with the subjects of the Kingdom.

“You should be proud of your bad behavior like those who burnt down the Kasubi Tombs. Those who came with marijuana are bad people for it has made the next generation run mad and made them immoral,” Ssebatta sung.

Amongst the Political formations across the Kingdom, only the Kyagulanyi led NUP has been clearly identified with excessive use of marijuana.

The Party President, Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine has previously said, he was a drug addict who now reformed and rallies Ugandans, especially the Ghetto people against further use of Marijuana.

Kyagulanyi’s contest with the Kingdom dates way back in 2018 when the Buganda Land Board, an institution managing the properties of the Kingdom wanted to take part of the land where his One Love Beach is situated in Busaabala.

Music has in the past years turned to be a tool for political and good governance messaging. Main political stakeholders including President Yoweri Museveni, Dr Kizza Besigye and Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine have used songs to further send political messages to the vast populations in Uganda.


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