Local workers’ Union-ATGWU launches Online Motorcycle taxi platform

Photos by GSA

Amalgamated Transport and General Workers’ Union (ATGWU) launched a new online motorcycle taxi platform dubbed SOT Boda on Friday at Rehoboth Hotel in Lweza along Entebbe Road.

Targeting an initial Kampala Metropolitan area, the online platform is looking at connecting clients to trusted riders, and as well make deliveries of goods and parcels with hopes of expanding to both the national and international market.

SOT Boda which in full is Saggula Online Transporters Boda is the first-ever locally owned platform to join the promising industry of online taxis. SOT Boda is an affiliate to ATGWU and is to be manned by an independent committee of 12 persons.

The committee is under the docket of Gerald Musoke who is the Head of Transport at the Union, Joshua Rutaremwa is the chairperson of the committee and 10 others, mostly boda-boda riders.


Usher Wilson Owere, the Chairman General of ATGWU, said:
“COVID-19 gave birth to SOT Boda, a section of riders were dismissed from the Safe Boda platform, but we managed to ensure that they were paid all their arrears and with the help of software developer David Opio and Union employees and members came up with the idea of starting our own company to accommodate our unemployed members and we shall keep on doing the same in other industries to create jobs.”

Owere added that the Union is to avail special training clinics to better their riders in areas of law, highway rules, customer care and safety training so as to set the bar high for their competition.

The platform developer, David Opio intimated to us that it has not been an easy task to put the application together and applauded the riders that engaged in the pilot stage for their dedication and compliance.

“Our intent is to give our clients a safe and reliable platform they can trust, ensuring their safety, clients will be able to rate the performace of a rider and as well report misconduct of a rider, and action will be taken immediately” Opio said

“The application will give a basis for the riders to maintain and keep records of their earnings overtime, this data in future will be a great currency for them to acquire other opportunities and finance or loans.” Opio added

According to SOT Boda chairman, the app is intended to elevate the livelihood of the riders, with minimal joining fees and a daily subscription of UGX 2000 compared to the 15% charged by other platforms.


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