Life of an RDC during Lockdown: In the Eyes of Herbert Anderson Burora, RCC Nakawa.

On 16/17th/4/2020 was a Night to remember. It was a long day for me after working day long.. at around 4pm I had to drive 81km to Bwizibwera in Luwero District through Kikyusa to take an old woman who was starving in a house but had a daughter who could take care of her. I returned around 9:30pm to K’la.

Around 11pm, a one Lt. Attached to CMI called and informed me about an Old woman with 13 Grand children hungry and were taking themselves to Police, I was from the Shower hoping I was going rest after along day, I Called my Guard at home to come with me, Called Ntinda OC and we went to see this family, I was disheartening, I went home and got from my maize flour I had stocked for my 5 Nieces whom my Sisters preferred to send to me during the abrupt Short School cutoff. I gave to this family 5kg of Maize flour and 2kg of Beans…

Meanwhile, I was feeling dizzy on my way back home and so weak, of course I was dehydrated. Took some water and tea. It was now coming to 1am. At 2am, as I was getting dead asleep, my phone rang 4times, on the fifth time, I silenced it, but in my heart I was like, for someone to repeatitively call at 2am they must be with a reason, I called back and a woman was crying and need help, She was from Kyanja behind Kessington, we again Left with my guard while getting out of the getting, another call From Naguru Councillor came and she told me that there is a woman lying in the middle of the road and that she was going to give birth from there… Meanwhile it is coming to 3am… I ran to Kyanja, took the Lady who indeed was in need, they were the only house not in a gate.. in an isolated plot of land took her to Komamboga Health Centre… Then rushed to Naguru where it was now 4am, Found the woman indeed laying in the middle of the road.. rushed her to Kibuli Hospital…

I got home around 6:30am and my Alarm was ringing to wake but in actual sense it was informing me that there is no need for me to sleep it was already another day and I need to shower, Dress and get out of the house.

Thank God all the Pregnant women gave birth.. though the Naguru one was tired and the Child first had to go on Oxygen.. but now stabilized and discharged.

I was this morning invited to go and name the Child. The Life of an RDC that people never take take to account.

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