Let’s Set the Bar Higher for Entebbe Leadership – Fabrice Rulinda

“My fear is that he might return, make a good run to fame and on nomination day, he pulls out of the race like it happened in 2016,” Richard Luswata a resident in Entebbe cried out when asked on a Mayoral bid NRM’s Fabrice Rulinda declared for the 2021 contest. “For he seems good and exposed,” he added.

Richard’s thoughts represent a section of Entebbe dwellers who experienced an abrupt withdraw of Fabrice Lulinda from the Entebbe Municipality MP, backing the current MP Rose Tumusiime thereafter.

Lulinda later explained to the people of Entebbe that he had been poisoned and would not make it to the nomination office. However, several people within Entebbe Municipality never believed that Mr Rulinda had not negotiated his withdraw from the MP race.

Mr Rulinda in Hospital over alleged poisoning in 2015 Courtesy Photo.

Other key NRM Members including Madiinah Zalwango, Patience Mubangizi and Rose Tumusiime remained in the race.

However, before the end of 2019, Rulinda returned with a new bid to contest as Mayor for Entebbe Municipality. Well as the several dwellers within the municipality welcomed the bid for a flamboyant young businessman, he also suffered setbacks as Political pundits within the municipality continued to question his education background.

Kassim Kasirye, a resident in Bugonga, a suburb in Entebbe Division A says, he severally heard politicians saying Rulinda has no requisite documents to stand for the Mayoral Political position. Such has been reechoed by Politicians from both the National Resistance Movement and opposition politicians.

“He onetime went to then chairperson of UNEB Fagil Monday with a UGX 10 million bid to save his education background. It was however denied by the UNEB boss then,” says a politician who doesn’t want to be named.

However, such claims have been refuted both Fagil Monday and Fabrice Rulinda. “That can’t happen. If I had received such bid, I would have arrested and asked the DPP to prosecute Lulinda because it is criminal. Political opposition should not turn to such blackmail,” former UNEB Chairperson Monday told Entebbe Post.

On his part, Rulinda indicated that there is no need to concentrate on Political unprecedented missiles seen to be targeting his Political career as he “brings hope to Entebbe dwellers.”  

Mr Rulinda leaving his vehicle recently Courtesy Photo

“They are now targeting me. They just want to deny Entebbe residents hope that a better leader can take over,” Rulinda says. He how asks all players in the Political, social and economic transformation of Entebbe to raise the bar higher for better governance of Uganda’s gateway.

“We are all born and raised in Entebbe. All I want is for the actor to look at raising the bar higher for Municipality to what leadership should be. Let’s always look at forging a way that benefits everyone,” says Rulinda.

The Mayoral seat in Entebbe is the highest office with in the Entebbe jurisdiction. It has for the last 10 years been held by DP’s Vincent Kayanja De Paul. Previously, the seat was held by Stephen Kabuye, the current Entebbe NRM Chairperson.

Currently, more than 5 people including the incumbent Vincent Kayanja, Div A Chairperson Mike Kabwama Mutebi, Div B Chairperson Stanley Namayilira, senior Citizen Kasozi Kiriwero and Fabrice Rulinda want to preside over Entebbe’s highest governing institution in 2021.

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