Lessons from the Bobi – Barbie Relationship as they Celebrate 9th Marriage Anniversary

Aside the politics and the edutainment, it’s more than what Ugandans would appreciate from the Kyagulanyi family.  Bobi Wine and wife Barbie Kyagulanyi will on Thursday 27th August are celebrating their 9th marriage anniversary.

The wedding that saw a congregation of Uganda’s top shots at Rubaga cathedral saw Ugandans, including the former vice president Gilbert Bukenya praise and admiration of a young man who stretched from Ghetto to building a great family with tremendous success. The young people today would pick a lesson or two from the celebrated couple’s marriage. It is a worth inspiration!

The couple takes pride in a substantial amount of wealth, even when it wasn’t rosy in the beginning. Bobi and Barbie met years back in a drama skit, “in grass,” with nothing but dreams, ambitions and mutual feelings of love.

Both lacked resources that the feeling kept the two glued on one another, pursuing their dreams. Several years later, they are living a dream many youth look up to. Currently, Kyagulanyi is a Party President, leading the united forces of change, contesting for the presidency of the Pearl.

The couple now has four lovely children, two boys and two girls, with the youngest named ‘Suubi’, literally meaning, dreams. Currently, a handful of young beautiful girls would fall for a man who preaches dreams but is short of resources. Here are some lessons from the living testimony.

Bobi and Barbie

Behind every successful man is a strong woman

Barbie Kyagulanyi has been very pivotal in pushing Bobi Wine’s career straight from his days as an uprising musician to pushing his career as a politician. Her strong influence in Bobi Wine’s life has led very many people to use the hash tag “every man deserves a Barbie”. In the wake of the Bobi’s detention in Gulu, she was unshaken and always stood by his side. To date, Barbie supports the husband in his quest to become the President of the republic. Every youth ought to get themselves a Barbie.

Do not give up on dreams

Bobi Wine started out as a musician but always harbored political ambitions. He referred to himself as a Ghetto president with a dream to step his leadership a notch higher. His “first lady” Barbie, did not stop at nothing to push these dreams. Fast forward, Bobi Wine is delivering political lectures at summits in Harvard and he is arguably Africa’s most trending political icon at the moment. If you believe it, you certainly can achieve it.

Do not forget where you came from

Despite the couple’s success, both their names are still synonymous with the word ghetto.  They have continued supporting the ghetto with various schemes and philanthropy and it is from the ghetto that most of the support this couple has garnered has come from.

Be ready for tests and trials

Like the common notion goes, marriage is never a bed of roses. Barbie and Bobi’s marriage has undergone numerous turbulences such as the occasional biased comparisons with other celebrity couple counterparts, misunderstandings, media brutality and business hiccups. The two have remained as thick as thieves and have always emerged stronger amidst these trying moments. Marriage is never going to come easy but how you deal with the turbulences is what make your marriage stronger.

Additional reporting by Matooke Republic


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