Leaders worried by surging disability cases

By Harriet Asingura and Jamirat Nandawula

The number of children born with disabilities are increasing every day in areas of Entebbe, Katabi and Wakiso as whole. This has left leaders and parents worried of how to take on their roles in regard to pampering and nurturing such children whose responsibility is full-time job as, they need much attention and care.

A person with a disability is unable to perform certain functions as well as most others. The disability may be physical, it may involve senses like seeing or hearing, it may involve the inability to think clearly, or it may involve mental health issues.

According to earlier research, 1 in every 50 children has a disability. Whereas some disabilities are caused by accidents among other physical injuries, some children’s disability is carried on from parents while a good number are caused during birth. Common disabilities such as autism, down syndrome and intellectual, physical disabilities create challenges with thinking behavior and skill development.

Disability in childhood can have a lifelong impact on a person’s physical, mental and emotional health, as well as their social situation. children with a disability may need to negotiate significant social and environmental barriers in order to fully participate in everyday life. Children born with a disability may have a special need and require early intervention and as much support as possible.

Fred Kalyango a father of four children, two of whom are disabled, explained the ordeal through which his children go through. “Dennis who is now 19 years and the sister Sandrah who is 17years, were born normally but as time went by, they became disabled,” narrated Mr. Kalyango. “We have since tried several hospitals but to no avail. We now face challenges of getting enough food for them since Denis and Sandrah eat four kilograms of posh everyday,” intimated Mr. Kalyango.

Even as many organisations in Katabi town council have come up to help in intervention and support of children with disabilities plus the parents who look after them; the number remains overwhelming to area leaders.

Ronald Kalema the Katabi town council chairperson appealed to civil society and non government organisations to provide relief required of such children and their parents.

Ivan Mugalya the director for Someone cares– a non government organisation with offices in Bunono, Katabi town council said, disabled children not only need life-health facilities and services, but also require legal aid. “We have seen some parents withdraw and abscond from their responsibilities towards such children. We have also witnessed some of the children being defiled. All such cases require legal aid before anything else,” noted Mugalya.

“Our aim Someone cares, is to change the lives of people with disabilities in our community, advocacy and legal aid, rehabilitation, psyche social support, life-skill empowerment and food provision,” added Mugalya.

Patience Mbabazi the coordinator of Hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida Initiative (HSI) said, parents with such children find it hard to look after them since it requires a lot of care and money.

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