Leaders Call for Increased Funding of Women Activities While Celebrating Women’s Day

Women Leaders, dwellers at Bugonga landing site in Entebbe Municipality have called for the increased funding of small holder women’s business groups in Entebbe if the country is to further celebrate the role of women.

This has been part of the women’s day celebrations held at Bugonga landing site. Different women leaders led by the State Minister for Primary Education Rose Mary Sseninde and Entebbe Municipality MP Rose Tumusiime remained worried that even with further equal opportunities and emancipation, most women especially the widowed need to engage in more income generating activities for independence and sustainability.

Entebbe Mayoral Aspirant Fabrice Lulinda, Minister Rose Sseninde and Entebbe MP Rose Tumusiine during the Women’s Day Celebrations in Entebbe PHOTO BY GSA

“I really want all women to know that the world will not wait for them but rather engage in the already available opportunities offered by this government so as to eradicate poverty. We have to look after our children and ensure that we also engage in the country’s transformation,” Says Sseninde.

Government has so far injected more than UGX 100 billion in the Women Entrepreneurship projects since 2016. However, some women in Bugonga during the celebrations indicated that government needs to increase such funding such that all women in the country can benefit from the fund.

For instance, the elderly women’s group in Entebbe says, even when they have received funding to make ecofriendly charcoal from dust and wastes, there efforts have severally been rendered tiresome only because of the lack of machines such as a grinder and carbonator that would efficiently increase productivity of the ecofriendly charcoal.

Entebbe MP Rose Tumusiime engaging in Community work in Bugonga ahead of the Women’s Day Celebrations. PHOTO BY GSA

Racheal Kayaga, a female councilor for Bugonga says, if increased resources for the different women groups, there will be more independence, hard work and the uplifting of women within Entebbe sub district.

“Women today look after children, their husbands, buy food and struggle to sustain lives. With government understanding the plight of all women across the country, there will be need to increase funding for the different women groups in Entebbe such that all women are able to benefit from the available government programs,” She says.

Entebbe MP Rose Tumusiime and Mayoral Aspirant Fabrice Lulinda cleaning Bugonga Landing Site. PHOTO BY GSA

The area member of Parliament Rose Tumusiime says, the female race is the backbone of the country’s workforce and thus needs to be respected and developed through the support of their different groups.

“Ugandan women have been empowered and advanced overtime. Women can now engage in leadership and are children are educated. We need to thank God for the achievements women have earned and pray that more funding and development is registered,” Tumusiime says.

The elderly women on the same occasion have been given food and hampers to boost their living.

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