Land woes overshadow Nakiwogo-Banga play ground renovation drive

Time immemorial, land wrangles have happened elsewhere in Uganda.

Many a time, irreconcilable differences have left scores incapacitated, cast permanent enmity or even claimed dear lives.

At a time that Nakiwogo – Banga play ground is undergoing a major face lift that will witness the four hectares facility fenced off, graded, leveled, re-greened and sanitary facility constructed, there is a serious land wrangle that has marred the lake side recreational amenity.

It has emerged that three people Phillip Mugabi  Balikuddembe, a one Dr.Lutwaama and a Swiss born national Godfrey Shelton have plots of land allocated to them.

How the trio secured the plots on the play ground remains a big mystery and a rich topic of discussion that deserves a worthy column on the treasured Entebbe Post webblog.

The current woes have also created a big rift between the local leaders and residents alike.

Entebbe Municipal Council under the shrewd leadership of His Worship the Mayor Vincent Kayanja De Paul are to fence and construct the sanity facility.

Whilst, Division A where the facility is situated are tasked with the grading, leveling and re-greening exercise.

“We are perplexed by the manner by which three different plots were accorded on the Nakiwogo Banga play ground. We shall not allow community land to be taken by selfish individuals. Work on this play ground must go on” Entebbe Division A chairman Michael Mutebi Kabwama vowed.

His counterpart, Mayor Kayanja is rather confident about the steps being undertaken to transform the Nakiwogo play ground into a better play ground.

“It is so far so good. Work on Nakiwogo play ground must go on as planned.Whoever claims that he has a plot on the Nakiwogo play ground should come to the Council offices and tell the public how he or she attained it. The project will go on as planned” Mayor Kayanja asserts.

A recent visit to the facility by the Entebbe Assistant Resident District Commissioner (RDC) Hajji Noor Njuki, Mayor Kayanja and Chairman Kabwama left bitter words spit from either parties.

For now, the fencing is almost done and the grading, leveling as well as grass planting will take effect in the coming months.

Over 100M is ear marked to be spent on the entire project.

The development of the Nakiwogo Banga play ground comes at a time when Entebbe Municipal Council has also bravely undertaken the re-greening drive of the Works and Kiwafu play-grounds.

The Kiwafu play ground was also fenced to avoid by-passes who had created pathways across the facility.

Entebbe Municipality owns several play grounds that are optimally utilized by the community as the Fisheries Training Institute play-ground in Bugonga, Katabi Gombolola play-ground, Entebbe SS play-ground, Kiwafu Play-ground, Kigungu play-ground, Lake Victoria Primary School play-ground, Entebbe Comprehensive SS play-ground, Air base play-ground, Katabi Busambaga ground (home of Entebbe Plascon Mongers Rugby Club) and the vast Kakeeka play-ground (Cricket oval) which is within the gigantic Entebbe Golf Club Course.

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