Lake Victoria’s Increasing Water Levels Forcing Dwellers to Vacate

By Georgewilliam Kakooza

The increasing rains in Entebbe have caused raised Water levels leaving, homes and properties worth millions of shillings destroyed and inhabitable.

The heavy rains that started around march this have ushered  destruction of dweller’s homes and property and beaches that have been hangout spots for locals and city visitors.

Some of the affected stores at Nakiwogo Landing site

Fishing villages, landing sites and lake line establishments in Entebbe have been bound to migrate their territory further from the shore.

A case in point is the Kyasiira Home of Hope situated in Bulega-Nalugala that houses less privileged children was hit by the high tide. Banana Plantations left dry, compound flooded, boys, dormitories plus offices left in a poor state.

Beaches like Banga in Nakiwogo, Victoria Café beach/Gukiina’s Place along the Lake Victoria Stretch in Entebbe Municipality Water level increase day by day, beach trees have fallen; sand bathing seats are no more, water almost reaching the Entebbe Kampala High way.

Nakiwogo market that houses over 500 vendors are among the affected business community cry over the water levels pandemic, making them suffer the lodging while laboring for their home siblings.

This has not only affected Beaches but also left the Bugonga Moslems Mosque Masgd-Salama down and fishermen displaced to villages.

This has also been one of the keynotes of the President who blames the adverse effects on the encroachers that have adamantly settled in swaps, on riverbanks and lake showers. The president acknowledged the impact and threat these people pose to the nation.

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