Lake Victoria Water levels Recede

Sullah Kagugube

Water levels of the world’s second largest fresh water lake, Victoria, have receded. This is according to an observation by Entebbe Post in the past 14 days.

The levels had risen since October 1st 2019 and consistently went up from 12.00 meters to 13.32 meters as of 30th April 2020. The rise of 1.32 meters was attained in only 6 months and the level was only 0.08 meters away from the highest level ever recorded, about six decades ago.

The rising levels had washed away several installations including beaches, docking piers, homesteads and led to the migration of people from landing sites to a place further away from the shoreline of the Lake.

Places such as the Nakiwogo docking pier in Entebbe were washed away, leaving marine vessels such as MV Kalangala unable to dock, load and offload. Also, beaches such as Water Front in Entebbe, Victoria Forest Resort in Kalangala while Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary was left flooded.

Places such as Kaazi Malanga were cut off Bugala Island in Kalangala due to the increasing water levels raising transport setbacks for the dwellers in the area. Also, inhabitants of Kachanga landing site in Bukakata Sub County, Masaka District were forced to migrate to Canan, about 6 kilometers from the landing site. The water levels also threatened to cut off Entebbe road from Kitubulu, Katabi town council and the docking piers in Bukakata and Bugoma – Kalangala where ferries dock were submerged.

However, such levels have for the past one month been receding according to a report by Entebbe Post. Currently, the building that were in water at Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary and those at Water Front beach have had reduced water entering them.

“If we can estimate, it can be about 2 meters of water that has reduced, our building have returned to shape and we can operate,” a source at water from beach told this website.

Other places such as the Nakiwogo docking pier have been improved to meet operating standards while places such as the Kaazi Malanga peninsular have become passable again.

To decrease water levels in the Lake, President Yoweri Museveni in May this year ordered for further opening of the Kiira dam to increase outflow of water to the Nile River. “People should be 500 meters from the shore,” Museveni also noted.

Property worth billion shillings was lost due to the surging water levels.

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