Ladies Perform better than men, says Aviation Boss

The Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (UCAA) has expressed intentions of having 50% of all its staff, as females. According to Prof. David Kakuba the UCAA director general, the aviation authority has over the years trained and encouraged a number of female staff to take on challenges in specialised aviation spheres that have previously been male-dominated. “Ladies have proved beyond reasonable doubt that they can operate ethically and with integrity, that’s why most of our employees in the finance department, are women. They can easily be entrusted with money,” intimated Kakuba.

Kakuba made the remarks on Tuesday when UCAA was celebrating post international women’s day where ladies working in technical departments at Entebbe airport, showcased their job skills. The aviation boss noted that UCAA employs 450 ladies out of 1,300 total staff. He pledged to put up incentives plus a favourable environment for ladies willing to join the aviation industry. “The female fire-fighting staff and other experts in UCAA are unsung behind-the-scene heroes who have over the years done everything in their means to ensure UCAA’s readiness to tackle disasters, emergencies and all manner of eventualities,” Kakuba applauded.

Some of the technical women recognised by UCAA

Irene Atto: Manager of air navigation services and Aerodrome standards who has spent 27 years in service. She was the second female air traffic controller in UCAA before moving to directorate of safety  and economic regulation. Atto has a key role of establishment and maintenance of safety standards in accordance with the UCAA mission.

Milly kayongo Sebaggala: VIP  shift leader- Entebbe international airport, who has spent 27years in service. Her role stands out to facilitate high-profile travelers classified as VVIPs, VIP diplomats and heads of state whose expectations are usually higher.

Agatha Murungi: Principle security officer in charge aviation security training, having spent 13years in service with a role of imparting knowledge and skills to staff.

Kulthum Namataka: Airside operations officer, with 10years experience. Her role is to direct and lead pilots to aircraft parking Aprons as well as signalling them to slow down, stop and turn off engines.

Zainab Kampi: Fire fighter with a length 9years in service with a role of communication and emergency operations to curb any incidences on the runway and surrounding areas.

Caroline Abenaitwe a.k.a marine lady who has spent 19 months in service. Others are; Mary Mbolanyi a Technical officer- Communication navigation and surveillance with an experience of 8years. Winnie Akido is a senior Air traffic management officer with a 7years experience. Jacky Lanyero is also a fire-fighter at Gulu Airfield with an experience of 7years whereas Noeline Kirabo is a communications officer CNS with a 4-year experience. Lucy Turihabwe has 3years of experience in Aeronautical information management.

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