Know your leader; here is Nancy Kalembe

By Sentamu Moses.

The country was caught by surprise when Nancy Kalembe, a former TV personally Nancy Kalembe walked to Kyambogo for Presidential nomination, no one expected her in the 2021 presidential race.

She is most known for her TV drama skits during the times of the Uganda Television (UTV). But who is this only lady in the presidential race?

Kalembe was born to the late George Patrick Bageya,  who was the former LC-V chairman of Iganga, and Aida Cissy  Kubaaza.She studied at St.Mary’s College Namagunga for O-Level and Mariam High School A-Level.She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Population studies from Makerere University in 2007.

In 2003,  She joined the miss Uganda Contest and although she did not emerge winner,she was voted Miss Intelligence, earning her a job with Sanyu FM.On January 8, 2008,  she joined the Apprentice Africa, the African version of the American reality TV show, the Apprentice, hosted by Donald trump.She emerged sixth out of the sixteen finalists, winning a work slot of PHP Bank in Nigeria.

Kalembe returned to Uganda in 2009 and worked with Orient Bank until she resigned in 2010 to fully concentrate on her businesses.In her free time, she enjoys swimming.

She is the founder of Spring Clean, a cleaning company, and Mbalimbali Ltd,  a pineapple juice and jam-producing company based in Nakawa.Before reaching these heights, Kalembe , 34, tasted the varied waters of employment.She worked as a news anchor at the then Uganda Television (UTV).

She was the account manager for Uganda Telecom (UTL) and account holder for Nation Media Group at Lowe Scanad advertising agency,  sales and promotions executive at Sanyu FM.

She also had a working stint at PHP Bank Nigeria and Orient Bank in Uganda.

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