Kitala petrol station fire: 2 cars and property perish in blaze

photos by GSA

The fire that gutted Moka petrol refilling station in Kitala,Entebbe Road saw 2 cars and property worth millions of shillings perish in flames on Monday evening.

The actual cause of the fire is not yet established as we await a conclusive Police report, but initial reports suggest that the fire sprung from a heated truck engine that was getting a refill at the station, that set a blaze cylinders of Liquefied petroleum gas.

The Entebbe Fire and rescue team arrived at the scene an hour into the fire and needed reinforcement from the Civil Aviation Authority fire rescue team to put out the fire.

Police was able to cordon off the area and ensure safety of the bystanders in time, as well contain the rowdy masses.

No injuries have been sustained by any workers or those near by.

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