Kisubi Parish at 124 years: Christrians urged to take part in Politics

Our Lady Queen of Virgins Kisubi Catholic Parish marked 124 years since the establishment of the Covent by the White Fathers in 1896 and Celebrating their Patron Mary Mother of Christ.

Presided over by Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Francis Xavier Kikomeko, in the first ever Mass since the easing of restrictions on Churches owing to the COVID-19 pandemic with the presence of Chaplains, Deacons, Brothers of Christian Instruction, Members of the Pastoral Council and Friends of Kisubi Parish.

The Celebrations started at 9AM in a rather scientific manner opposed to the usual festivities and massive attendance in a bid to respect the anti-COVID-19 regulations; Hand washing, temperature scans and only 70 invited guests were urshered into the church.

During Fr. Kikomeko’s sermon he asked congregates to take up leadership positions in the forthcoming 2021 elections and they shouldn’t be afraid to compete for Leadership positions.

“They need to step up and serve the nation and the Church, let them engage the electorate, for all leadership comes from God.They can make good leaders since Christian values are ideal for service to others.”

“We shall be celebrating 125 years next year, and we need to ensure that we accomplish all the pending developments, we are working hard to put in place the Grotto for our Patron Mother Mary and as well renovate the Church and other places…we can not do it alone, we need everyone to get involved.”

“The time is now for the youth to prevail” says Simon Peter Mukasa Kiweesi who is an Aspirant for the Busiro South Member of Parliament slot and he believes that the Church has given him the right skill set and tools to succeed as a politician.

According to Lillian Ndagire who is a congregate of Kisubi Parish and vying for the Wakiso District Woman Councilor for Katabi Town Council, believes that with a clear relationship between the Local Government and the Church a lot of great things can be accomplished.

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