Entebbe Municipality Council to abolish Kiosks

Kayanja while addressing residents recently

At least 1000 kiosk operators in Entebbe Municipality have up to June, to look for alternative space for business lest risk forceful eviction. According to Vicent Kayanja the municipality mayor, the upgraded municipality market is expected to be complete in May hence all traders who are currently operating in kiosks, shall have to integrate back to their stalls. “Kiosks are all over the municipality, making the town look so disorganised. We therefore hope to commission the park and market by June,” explains Kayanja.

However, some traders expressed fears that stalls are likely not to be enough for all of them. “Besides, some of us may not be able to pay for such stalls,” expressed Milly Nantongo one of the kiosk operators in Kitooro. Lovy Wanjoki another trader said, they’re still waiting for the government valuer to determine cost of the market stalls and park units in terms of rent. Meanwhile, Charles Magumba the municipality town clerk noted that construction of the new market was expected to be complete by March, but due to some unavoidable circumstances, it delayed by two months. “We hope to have over 900 stalls, a nursery school, public hall, banking hall, health club among others on the new market,” stated Magumba.

The market which is being constructed under ad-measured contract, is expected to serve 2,000 people and generate 20% increase in revenue. Under the Markets and Agricultural Trade Improvement Program (MATIP), government received a loan from the African Development Bank to construct markets in different municipalities across the country. Similarly, the second phase of Entebbe taxi park is expected to be complete by August with 226 units. It’s expected to cost Sh14bn under Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development Programme (USMID).

Entebbe municipal council was affected in terms of local revenue collection during the period when these two projects kicked off. “We used to collect about Sh 300m annually, from the taxi park and about Sh3m monthly from tenants operating within the park plus Sh 300m from the market every year,” Kayanja remarked. The mayor is optimistic that upon the completion of the two projects, about Sh 90m shall be collected every month from the market and Sh 60m from the park.

In 2013 the World Bank Board approved an International Development Association (IDA) credit of US$150 million to finance urban infrastructure and improve service delivery in 14 municipalities in Uganda. The six-year project is to expand urban infrastructure, and enhance the capacity of the 14 municipal local governments to generate own source revenues, improve urban planning, and strengthen financial management, procurement, environmental and social systems. Seyani International Co. Ltd was awarded the contract for the market construction while UB Consulting engineers & Scafford contractors, were charged with construction of the taxi park.

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