Kenyans Demand Uhuru to Let Museveni Lead Kenya Through this COVID 19 Outbreak

Unlike the usual situations where East Africans and African youths attack President Yoweri Museveni, Kenyans have solicited for Ugandan President’s help to solve the COVID 19 Pandemic taking Kenya into panic.

While on Social Media, one Kenyan Pitah Mwalimu JP indicated that “I strongly suggest that Uhuru Kenyatta should let Museveni lead both Uganda and Kenya throughout this crisis. His wisdom, Judgement, calculations and decision making is what this country needs. We need someone more bold, courageous and sober to lead us during this time.”

Museveni put 35 measures in place to control the spread of COVID 19 which include the banning of passenger transport means and instituted a lockdown which President Kenyatta took time to Institute.

Another Kenyan applauded Museveni and proposed the use of authoritarianism to manage such crisis.

“I applaud Museveni for his leadership. Sometimes dictatorship/authoritarianism style of leadership works in such situations.”

Last year, a Ugandan Harvard Student, also thee UN Global Youth Ambassador Hillary Taylor asked Ghanaian President Nana Addo to help lead Uganda as Museveni is exchanged for Ghana.

The comments come after Kenya’s COVID-19 infections surpassed 200 with more than 5 deaths.

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