Kenyan Presidential Aspirant’s nudes leak

A Kenyan politician with ambitions of contesting for Presidency in the next election is suffering setbacks after his live sex video emerged on the internet.

Dr Kituyi Mukhisha has severally hinted on a possible run for the Kenyan top office.

However, he on Thursday afternoon suffered setbacks after a woman recorded a video of the naked Politician after having sex intercourse with him.

Mutuyi is a former Minister in the Kibaki Admistration and a former leader in the  UN Trade body – UNCTAD.

In the video, Dr Kituyi is filmed naked by a yet to be identified woman. The Politician seemed exhausted after the intercourse.

Several of Dr Kituyi’s supporters in Kenya have now asked the politician to launch his campaign immediate. However, some Kenyans believe, the politician career has been doomed.

Kituyi has not come out to comment on the matter.

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