Kenyan fishermen storm Ministry of Agriculture, protest

Kenyan fishermen, who petitioned the ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries over impounded Kenyan fish trucks have been left dismayed, protested the decision to continue ground the four fish trucks at the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries.

Last week, the UPDF Fisheries Protection Unit impounded four fish trucks at Uganda’s Western border of Bwera while maneuvering to enter the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The trucks were all brought at the Directorate of Fisheries in Entebbe where they have been held for 9 days.

The impounding of the left a diplomatic and trade war between the two countries with the Kenyan Embassy writing to the Ugandan counterparts seeking the immediate release of the fish trucks.

Also, traders and authorities in Kenya, on Saturday blocked the transportation of goods to and from Uganda retaliating their need to release their trucks and goods (immature fish).

According to the Minister of State for Fisheries Hellen Adoa, the Kenyans trapped almost all fish from Lake Kyoga, Turkana and Lake Victoria.

However, the Minister reiterated that there is need to halt all illegal fishing in the East African countries. “Some individuals are using others (Kenyans) in order to justify their wrong acts. But I want the public to know is that it is not true that the fish which was impounded is from Lake Turkana. The fish here is 80% from Lake Kyoga,” Adoa says.

Adoa also warned the Kenyans to stop bribing their way to get back the confiscated fish trucks. “Because if you bribe people in order to seal. If they find you, you lose your money.” She added.

It is upon such background that the Kenyan fishermen, protested, went out of the meeting and refused to adhere to a joint opening and searching of the trucks on Thursday on ground that the trucks were already open.

A truck of immature fish with up to 20 tons of fish can be sold in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo at Ugx 78 million each.

By Kakooza Georgewilliam

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