Keddi gifts Grandmother brand new car

There were moments of joy and jubilation in Nangaiza village, Kibuku district over the weekend as the C.E.O Keddi foundation, Mr Steven Keddi gifted his grandmother Ms Seta Loy Namaliri a brand new Toyota Hiace Taxi registration number UBP 859H as a sign of appreciation of raising him after the death of his parents.

“Maama started looking after me when I was barely one month old till I became an adult, I am very happy today that I have been able to come and celebrate with her as we rejoice her life and raising me into the man I have become today” he said.

The businessman cum philanthropist said the car will help in bringing in money for his grandmother and take care of a few necessities needed at home.

“She carried me on her back when she was going to the garden and never tired all throughout the times. I cannot repay her enough for taking care of me but I can only be appreciative of all the things she did for me while raising me, thus i thought it wise to gift her a car which will bring in money for her” he said.

The RDC of Bulambuli district and Busoga King (Kyabazinga) Gabula Nadiope IV’s father-in-law Stanley Bayoole urged residents to always support Mr Kedi in all his endeavors’ as long as they are aimed at developing the Bugwere region and Uganda as a whole

“Kedi is a God given gift, ever since I became the grandfather of Busoga, there are so many functions that I have been invited to, there is even another function I was supposed to attend today in Mukono but ihave not ggone, I have come to Kedi’s function because of his good heart, he doesn’t only carry out charity works in Bugwere but Uganda at large, even in Bugisu region where i work and reside he has helped people with different needs from food, drinks to clothing’s” he said.

The RDC Bulambuli district and Busoga King (Kyabazinga) Gabula Nadiope IV’s father-in-law Stanley Bayoole addresses people during the event

The Kumi district Resident Commissioner Mr Ahamada Washaki urged Keddi to carry on his philanthopy work in order to assist government in extending needed services to people.

“What he’s doing should have been the work of the government but its known that governments all over don’t have enough resources to give services to its people, that’s why as the government representative in Kumi when I see a person like this one I strive to connect with him so that I can invite him to Kumi to help government to cover gaps where it doesn’t have enough resources to do all its supposed to do” he said.

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