KCCA Spokesperson survives lynching

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) Deputy Spokesperson Robert Kalumba has accused the National Unity Platform (NUP) supporters of beating him to pulp.

Kalumba says on Monday while in St Balikudembe Market (Owino) with some of his colleagues, he was attacked by NUP supporters who wanted to end his life.

He says he was in downtown to engage market traders on KCCA works on city market.

“They almost killed me; I thought I was going to die,” Kalumba told ChimpReports, a local news website during a phone interview.

“When they saw me, they just pounced and started punching and kicking. They were screaming, ‘let’s kill him! Let’s cut him. We are tired of your government; we want you all to go.”

The KCCA mouthpiece was rescued by police officers from a nearby police post who whisked him away.

He noted however, he couldn’t make out why these rowdy assailants singled him out.

“They told me, you, Kalumba we are going to kill you!’

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