Kawuku Daily Market Vendors Plotting Exit

By Georgewilliam Kakooza 

Traders dealing in agro based produce at Kawuku Market along Entebbe Road, are in disarray over Katabi Town Council authorities’ unpopular policies on roadside Vendors. 

Kawuku Market spread out on at least an acre houses over 500 vendors, through their chairperson Mugumya David have expressed their discontent springing from the increasing road side vendors dealing in a similar trade.

Mugumya stresses that, since the lock down started, the market was subjected to the Presidential Directives which gave way to the roadside vendors on all roads leading to the Market, which has crippled their sales causing them losses. 

A vendor shows off a rotten papaya fruit

Several other traders claim that during this period they have recorded significant losses, thus may fail to pay local taxes to the authorities if they fail to intervene In this matter.

Meanwhile roadside vendors led by Steven Kakangula, allege that they are very eager to join the market but have lost confidence in the current market leadership who they pin for barring their entry with high charges and also share concerns on the dire state of the market.

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