Katabi Chairperson Seeks Answers to Food Relief Delay

By Harriet Asingura

After patiently waiting for Relief items , katabi town council Mayor Ronald Kalema has decided to write to the office of prime minister public of Uganda Kampala.

He wrote a letter informing the prime minister for the delay in distribution of relief in katabi town council. Kalema opened up on the dire conditions his vulnerable people face especially the elderly, those employed in non “essential”,single mothers, factory workers, small business owners, bodaboda cyclists and others in his statement.

The Mayor remarked that many people of katabi town council are well established since its a town council but not the case since so many communities are in avery poor state owing to the fact that most residents are daily income earners such as lwanjaba with 420 homesteads in Nkumba ward, kiwuulwe with 740 homesteads in kisubi ward, Bwerenga  mukuuba with 105 homesteads in kisubi ward, and Gerenge landing site with 216 homesteads in Nalugala ward and those homes mentioned are the very poor ones  but so many among all other villages of katabi who need relief

The mayor of katabi town council Ronald ,he therefore requested the office of prime minister to consider immediate delivery of the relief food to the community in katabi  town council fr a health population.

However vulnerable elders Entebbe municipality complain about the situation they are going through.Chairman of elders Katuulamu  ndora of wakiso district says elders are more than 7000 but these people are lacking money to buy their basic needs and their bodies are weak to cater for themselves, so on the behalf of elders i call upon all we’ll wishers to think about it.

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