Kasese: Residents left homeless amidst a possible Cholera outbreak

Hell has broken loose for several residents of Kanyangeya ward in Kasese municipality, who have been forced to desert their homes following waters springing from the ground.

The rift valley district has been facing several issues including floods that claimed lives recently. The water that is making catchments is rather salty and contaminated.

The contamination is as a result of immersion of pit latrines into the water logged areas. That have been enhanced by a series of rains.

A resident stands in front of his house that has been cut off by the waters.
A destroyed pit latrine.

This has left many homeless and jobless. However, epidemiologists envisage a possible outbreak of cholera and other related diseases in the area if locals aren’t evacuated.

Area Woman Legislator, Winnie Kiiza has made a spot on visit to the affected area and hopes to table her findings to parliament for a remedy, she revealed in a Facebook post

“I visited residents of Kanyangeya ward-Kasese municipality where filthy salty water is oozing out from underground.
This has made the area waterlogged and left several households trapped and many latrines submerged, making it another serious health crisis waiting to happen.” Winnie Kiiza on Facebook.

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