Kalangala Youth leaders protest delayed office handover by outgoing leaders

Elected youth leaders in Kalangala District have stormed the Community Based Services Department protesting the delayed handover of office by the old leadership.

The handover first scheduled in December 2020 has on three occasions been skipped by the community based services department heads and the outgoing youth leaders led by chairperson Walusimbi Musaazi.

The failure to hand over office by the outgoing team has delayed the implementation of several youth community development programs since a leadership gap has been created.

Some of the programs include emyooga, Youth Livelihood funds and a support program to improve fish cage farming designed by the Private Sector foundation.

Aloysius Ssegawa, the incoming youth chairperson during his deliberation at the Community Based Services Department wondered why the incoming leadership is demotivated yet several youth programs needed to be implemented, to develop the population.

“We demand to know what is happening, we need to be serving out youthful population now,” He says.

Each youth leader had to be facilitated with up to Ugx 70,000 to attend the hand over. However, the outgoing chairperson Musaazi Walusimbi says the delayed handover can only be blamed on District officials who do not want to preside over the function.

Currently projects worth Ugx 400 million are frustrated with the current setting.

Kalangala Deputy RDC Sarah Nanyanzi says she is shocked that leaders still have to plead to be accepted into office even after being elected.

“It is illegal and an called for, the duty bearers must act immediately to ensure services are offered,” the RDC said.

When contacted, Willy Nkumbi, the District Probation and Social Welfare officer said well as he is aware he is supposed to preside over the handover ceremony, he is out of the district. He says, he was informed on the handover date but unfortunately, he was not in position to attend.

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