Kalangala Marine Vessel Operators Arrested for Breaching Guidelines

Marine Police in Kalangala, led by the officer in charge of the marine unit Innocent Ochan have arrested 3 MV Sehab vessel operators for breaching Covid 19 standard operating procedures and the laws governing marine transport.

The arrested who included the coxswain Ronald Kalule and Joseph Miyengo had over loaded MV Sehab Marine Vessel with 26 passengers away from the required 20 when leaving Nakiwogo – Entebbe for Kalangala.

The arrests occurred on Monday night as soon as the operators arrived in Lutoboka, Kalangala town.

“Upon setting off from Nakiwogo, some passengers were worried since the boat had over loaded. The took pictures and spread on their social media platforms.” Ochan indicated

He added that upon getting information that Marine Police was waiting for the operators to be arrested on arrival, the coxswain decided to off load some of the passengers along the way in a forest close to Lutoboka landing site who also alerted police.

“We are processing files for the arrested to be taken to court to answer several charges.” he said

The vessel acts as a substitute for MV Kalangala that suspended operations on February 9th this year for servicing. Operators are now upgrading the Nakiwogo and Lutoboka docking piers to ensure that they can accomodate the docking of the vessels.

Arrests come days after four people aboard a small canoe boat drowned on River Nile, close to the Nalubaale dam.


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