Kalangala Islanders Abandon Public latrines

Islanders in Kalangala District have developed chronic dysentery symptoms a month after they reportedly stopped using public latrines. The islanders abandoned public latrines as a way of preventing the spread of Corona Virus.

Richard Mutebi, a resident of Banga landing site says, the fear is a result of measures put in place to prevent the spread of COVID 19 despite the area being a border District.

“What started as a normal Sickness resulted into serious case of dysentery,” one of the victims at Banga landing site narrates.

Ever since Kalangala recorded the first case of COVID 19 on March 27, of an Engineer who had returned from United States on March 12, the news created fear among the islanders across the villages and landing sites where the victims had surfaced.

A total number 74 people were randomly picked from villages of Beta, Banga, Lulindi, Kasekulo and Senero for institutional Quarantine.

Since then, residents at Banga Landing site in Mugoye Sub County started abandoning the only one communal latrine available to dispense human waste in the surrounding bushes in fear of contacting the COVID 19.

On April 02, one of the residents was referred from Banga landing site to Kalangala Health Center IV after the locals identified symptoms of Dysentery.

Other three cases of the outbreak were confirmed by medics at the Kalangala referral hospital on Saturday, a situation that prompted the District health Inspector and his team to surface at the affected site.

Matovu Fredrick 43, a resident of Banga landing site Mugoye Sub County says the outbreak could be as a result to majority of the locals abandoning the communal latrine on issues connected to COVID 19 cases.

Godfrey Hadubi the District Health Inspector argued the LC 1 committee to address the issue of poor sanitation immediately lest the landing site faces closure.

“The claim that you will contract Corona virus by sharing the communal latrine once used by the victim is a myth, we shall close the landing site if the situation worsens,” Hadubi said on Saturday.


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