Kalangala ferry suspends operations

MV Ssese, one of the ferries that transport people and Cargo to and from Kalangala’s main Bugala Island has suspended operations for major serving.

The routine repairs and maintenance that will take place in Mwanza Tanzania will last 5 weeks effective September 21st.

The servicing involves the total overhauling of the ferry, checking of the keel and ballistic tanks and the engine.

The Managing Director of Kalangala Infrastructure Services, the company that Manages MV Ssese Mr John Opondo says, the serving is one of the mandatory operations needed to improve services offered by the company.

Opondo says, in the wake of the operations, MV Pearl, another ferry operated by Kalangala Infrastructure services in the main Bugoma – Bukakata route

“As you can see, we are already working and are still able to take all passengers. We have increased the number of trips we shall be making using MV Pearl so as to take all passengers,” Opondo says.

A new time table according to the Kalangala Ferry Manager John Baptist Lubega has been drawn to immediately draw ferry users to effective transportation of goods and services. Lubega says, also the travel time has been changed to suit Kalangala dwellers and businessmen.

Byte John Baptist Lubega

The suspension of the ferry services will mostly affect businessmen who buy goods from Masaka, to Kalangala. John Ssenfuma the Board Chairperson, Kalangala Infrastructure Services Limited says there is needed to repair the ferry from Uganda and Not Mwanza for clear supervision.

“It would be desirable to use Port Bell. It would be accessible and flexible,” he says.

MV Ssese carries up to 120 passengers and 20 vehicles on a single trip. The ferries are part of the consortium of activities carried on by Kalangala Infrastructure Services including the provision of clean and safe water, and electricity to dwellers on Bugala, Kalangala’s main island.

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