Kadaga in early lead as Namuganza trails in NRM CEC elections

Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga is in an early lead over main opponent Persis Namuganza in the Quest for the NRM Central Executive Committee elections.

Both Kadaga and Namuganza have traded insults and attacks against one another in the quest for the Vice Chairperson of the NRM chairperson in charge of the Eastern region.

Kadaga has so far won in areas such as Kiboga, where Namuganza’s main campaigner Minister Ruth Nankabirwa comes from.

Kadaga also said to have won in Kampala, Wakiso, Mpigi, Masaka and Mukono. NRM is currently conducting elections of the Party’s members on the Central Executive Committee.

Kadaga and Namuganza’s election has been the most prominent amongst the more than 12 seats of the NRM CEC committee

More updates to follow


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